The NZ Junior Rugby Festival in Queenstown is a very unique event like no other!!
The festival attracts 32 teams from around the country and internationally!

Based next to the airport and amongst the mountains, it is the perfect balance between
adventure and sport- get in quick because places in the draw fill up quick!



8 teams in each grade

Teams come from across NZ and even overseas to attend the tournament!

Player Eligibility

Players must meet the age and weight restrictions in each grade.
Please refer to rules on weight and age restrictions.

QUEENSTOWN ONLY: U12 teams are allowed dispensation of one player on the field up to 71kg. Players will need to wear a red arm band who are over the limits.



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Friday 29th September:

All teams arrive in the afternoon for registration & weigh-in

Saturday 30th September- Sunday 1st October:

Games played. Round robin is played on Saturday.
Semi-finals and finals played on Sunday.

Sunday 1st October

Prize giving in the afternoon

Timetable will be sent to registered teams by email in the months leading up to the event.




Queenstown Events Centre

At the foot of the Remarkables mountain range, the Queenstown Events Centre plays host to the event The Events Centre is undoubtedly one of the most scenic rugby grounds and sports venues in the world. The Events Centre has its own indoor courts, pool and gym, which is all available for use to the teams for the 2017 tournament.



Payment Process

$250 Non-refundable Deposit:

When we confirm your teams place in the draw, you will have 10 days to pay $250/team to secure your spot. Payment details will be sent by email when your spot is confirmed. If this isn't paid, you risk your place being replaced with another team wishing to take part in the festival

Team Entry Fee:

Team entry is based on the number of players each team has. Therefore, once the team sheets are completed (Sent 31st March; Due 31st April), we will send out invoices to the clubs. The team entry fee is due on the 1st of June

Your team's deposit is deducted from the total team entry.




Online Club Expression of Interest

(One per club)

Every club needs to compete an Online Club Expression of Interest. Once this is completed, event management will either confirm a spot is available for your team(s) in the draw or whether they will be put on the wait-list. The sooner you apply, the more likely it will be that we will have a place for your team in the draw. Applications close 1st March.

Pay Non-refundable Deposit

Pay a non-refundable deposit of $250/team within 10 working days of event management confirming a place in the draw to confirm your spot. Payment details will be sent by email

Online Team Sheets

A link to the Team Sheets will be emailed to the club to send on to all of their team managers to complete. They will be sent out on the 1st April and must be completed by 31st April. Teams are only allowed 3 player changes to the team sheet (due to injury, family circumstances etc) once initially submitted.

Pay Team Entry Fee

The cost of this years festival is $35/player.

Once the team sheets have been completed, we will invoice each club based on how many players individual clubs have.

3rd of May: Pay the remainder of the entry fee. (team's deposit is deducted from the total team entry)
1st June: Team entry fee due.
5th June: Confirmation of receipt of team entry fee