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Christchurch FC Rugby Club

9th - 10th October 2021


We are so very pleased to announce our first Girls Junior Rugby Festival to be hosted by our friends at Christchurch FC Rugby Club!

We have had so much feedback about starting a girls event over the last few years, so its awesome to finally be kicking this off.

It's going to be a great weekend celebrating girls in rugby at one of the country's most famous clubs with a number of events planned throughout the weekend for all involved.

Spaces are limited to 6 teams per grade in the first year. If the event is over subscribed, a ballot system will be used to select teams.

For more information on the region visit


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Rip Rugby


Tackle - 49kgs


Rip Rugby



Online Club Expression of Interest (One per club)

Every club needs to complete an Online Club Expression of Interest. Event management will then either confirm that a spot is available for your team(s) in the draw or whether they will be put on the wait-list. The sooner you apply, the more likely it will be that we will have a place for your team in the draw.


Entry Fee

The cost of entry to the NZJGRF festival is $150/team.

Online Team Sheets

A link to the Team Sheets will be emailed to the club to send on to all of their team managers to complete. These must be completed by 1st of September.  Teams are only allowed 3 player changes to the team sheet (due to injury, family circumstances etc) once initially submitted.

**All grades 10-a-side**

Tackle - 65kgs


Tackle - Open Weight

1 open weight on the field at one time

1 open weight on the field at one time

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Rip Rugby

Quick Rip (now named RIP RUGBY) is a game for all rugby players.  Rip Rugby promotes excellent ball handling and running skills, and give all players a chance to participate in a game similar to the Rugby Sevens game. 

It's a great opportunity to use this game throughout the grades where the contact element of the game can be eliminated. 

Please click here for the Rulings.


Tackle Rugby 

We promote sportsmanship and the friendship values of the game of rugby.  We feel overall we have achieved our goal and clubs really enjoy the culture of the event with everyone having an amazing weekend. It's important to note, this festival is not for rep teams.  The playing tackle rules will still be based on the Smallblacks rulings but there will be changes around ensuring the event is played in the spirit it was intended. 

Please click here for the Rulings.

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